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Lips are considered a sensual part of the body, and highlighting them can make women more attractive.  Kiss your lipstick goodbye with Parvaneh's highly effective treatments to make your lips seem fuller and more attractive. A luscious lip contour and soft rosy color speak to us of vibrant, healthy youth.  Replace lost color in shades that match your natural lip base to restore the lips you remember. A lip color that won’t fade no matter what you eat or what you drink. 
Minor imbalances or symmetry issues can be resolved giving you the appearance of fuller lips.  You can choose between lip liner, lip blush, or a full tint to give you the lips of your dreams. Parvaneh will carefully blend pigments with your natural lip color so your new look complements your skin tone and ensure there are no harsh outlines, and your lips will look completely natural.
Parvaneh’s advanced techniques can correct the shape of your lips to make them seem more balanced and symmetrical. You could also add definition to the edge of your lips to minimize the appearance of fine lines and give you a fresh and natural youthful look.

​Also, a color boost or touch-up will also be required in approximately two years to maintain a fresh, natural appearance.  

​Parvaneh also offers a Lip Line only treatment, which adds definition to the lip line but does not add color to the lip surface. During the consultation, it could be determined if this option is beneficial.

Parvaneh will answer any concerns you may have about the procedures and to make sure you feel totally comfortable about your decision before beginning the procedure.  

All needles and applicator cartridges are new and are individually sterilized and fully disposable: “single use only” for clients’ safety and peace of mind.